Mẹ đau tay

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  1. Phuong Truong says:

    Hom nay lai moi co thoi gian update thong tin ve me con Chip. Trom via Chip ngoan ghe. Di hoc ma ngoan the thi nhat roi. Me Giang co ve gay di nhieu qua nhi? Chup anh thay bung phang li. Suong nhe!!!

  2. Phuong Truong says:

    Mo the co duoc nghi lam ko? Bao lau moi lanh ha em? Nhin Chip bay gio trong “chung chac” qua. Choi voi Chip bay gio tha ho vui.

  3. Phuong Truong says:

    A, chuc mung Chip biet di nhe. Ba Dong me Giang chuan bi tha ho met roi!!!

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