Toàn thắng sắp về ta

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2 Responses

  1. anh Nhem says:

    bravo MA!!! Em cu the phat huy nhe!

  2. Bac says:

    G oi, cam on G nhieu lam nhe… chi da chuan bi tinh than roi, mai se tap CR ngu thoi, dung la can’t take it any longer, 2 tuan nay chi ngat ngu sap chet luon. That ra, giai doan nay, chi chi mong Cr thuc day 1 lan trong dem thoi la happy lam roi :) Em MA that la ngoan day!! Bac hun em chut chut nay… de bac ke chuyen em MA ngu gioi nhu the nao cho ban Ca rem hoc tap nhe!!

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