Monthly Archive: September 2014


In my Indian dreams (poem by Duy)

Duy’s class was tasked with writing a poem titled “In my dreams” and he chose to write about India: In my Indian dreams In my dreams I saw, A terrific tiger Menacingly tossing its magnificent head up, And let out a mighty growl as loud as thunder. In my dreams I smelt, The wonderful whiff of grounded spices Being gently grinded with the grinding stone. In my dreams I heard, Crunchy fried poppadom, Cackling wickedly like witches, In their pan. In my dreams I tasted, Gooey mango chutney, As sweet as chocolate. In my dreams I felt, The skin of...


A very random poem by An (7 years old)

…after picking some blackberries and got pricked by their thorns Some flowers smell nice, but some don’t Some will grow, but some won’t Their berries look quite good They don’t taste as they should Be careful of the prickly leaves on the branch of wood Sau khi đi hái dâu về và bị gai đâm, An ngồi làm một bài thơ con cóc: Có những bông hoa có mùi thơm, có những bông không Có những [cây] mọc cao lên, có những [cây] không Trái [dâu] của chúng trông khá ngon Nhưng vị thì chẳng được như thế Bạn phải...