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Minh Duy writing his story on mutant hampsters 0

Children vs Evil Mutant Hamsters – complete story

Duy has finished this “book” for a while now but as we haven’t got round to translate it, we have been postponing the ‘publication’. Today we thought it would be a shame not to share this with everyone so here it is. CHILDREN v.s EVIL MUTANT HAMSTERS by Duy Huynh 8 yrs old Prologue On a planet called Firestre, in a lab there was a bottle with a strange liquid chemical inside it. It was created by Prof.Dark and it was predicted by Prof.Dark that it would change any victim into a terrifying monster! Dark fed the chemical to ten...

Duy on a tree on the coastal part near Croyde Bay, North Devon - 28/6/2010 (4.5 years old) 0

The Tree – by Duy

In Spring, its leaves are starting to grow Filling the branches with a lovely glow In Summer, its buds start to bloom The sight of it destroys any gloom In the heart of Autumn, the leaves start to fall All the leaves will fall – the low and the tall In the bleak mid-Winter, it is completely bare But never mind there’s still another year What is this beautiful object? That is the question! So now we come to it, I shall tell you: It is a tree!

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Sailing (by Duy)

This week I went to Sport Camp, wich is run by the amazing Jubilee Sports centre staffs! So, every day it started of with a register (…Oh, I’ve forgot to tell you, we were at the sports hall) and someone would tell you what we’re going to do that day. The we got onto a huge double decker bus wich takes us to the water sport centre. Whoops! I forgot to mention that we’re going to sail all week, sorry! We first got taught how to rigg the boat and all the complicated names of the pieces like: main sail,...

Duy and An playing at Yvonne and Duncan's 2

Dụ mà như không dụ

Hôm nọ An đang đọc một quyển truyện gì đó lấy trên giá sách xuống mà Duy cứ ngồi bên cạnh kỳ kèo đòi An trả lại quyển truyện. Mặc cho Duy nói kiểu gì thì An cũng gọn lỏn “Không!” nên Duy càng tức, giọng bắt đầu run rẩy muốn khóc. Mẹ thấy tình hình có vẻ căng liền gọi Duy ra bếp “bàn bạc” kế sách đối phó với An. Sau đây là cuộc đối thoại giữa mẹ và con trai: – Con à, con ra đây với mẹ đi. – (Hậm hực không muốn ra vì biết mẹ muốn...