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Children vs Evil Mutant Hamsters – complete story

Duy has finished this “book” for a while now but as we haven’t got round to translate it, we have been postponing the ‘publication’. Today we thought it would be a shame not to share this with everyone so here it is. CHILDREN v.s EVIL MUTANT HAMSTERS by Duy Huynh 8 yrs old Prologue On a planet called Firestre, in a lab there was a bottle with a strange liquid chemical inside it. It was created by Prof.Dark and it was predicted by Prof.Dark that it would change any victim into a terrifying monster! Dark fed the chemical to ten...


A story by Duy: Children vs Evil Mutant Hamsters – Chapter 4 & 5

Chapter 4 – The first person through the portal That night Jast couldn’t sleep. He also couldn’t stop thinking about the portal. Questions kept popping up and however hard he tried he couldn’t find the answers for any. Finally curiosity got the better of him and he crept away from the comfy bushes that he called home. Down the dark alleys, through the gate and the tracelers room and through the portal. On the other side was a white corridor. Jast didn’t know this but he was in Prof. Dark’s Evil lap! Luckily Dark was on holiday. “Hurry up guys!”...


A story by Duy: Children vs Evil Mutant Hamsters – Chapter 2 & 3

(Read Chapter 1) Chapter 2 – A little snoop “Trace or no trace I’m going to sneak around at Drankfurst House!” said Silt. “Me too.” agreed Jast. “And me.” whispered Ible. So at 09:00 pm they crept to the brown, open gate of Drankfurst House and sneaked into the living room. “I remember this place, I’ve been here before.” Whispered Ible to Silt. “I haven’t found anything!” moaned Jast from the other room. Then Silt had a simple idea. He gestured them to come closer. “I have an idea, why don’t we go together, we’ll get through the rooms much...