Tội nghiệp con gái, con trai

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4 Responses

  1. anh Nhem says:

    ui, trong mat em iu qua thoi!!!

  2. Huyen THanh says:

    Ui, Giang oi, thuong Duy An the, to con nghe noi o Saigon dang co dich “Chan Tay Mieng nua” ay cho con di kham can than nhe. Benh nay cung rat de lay nua do.

  3. Bac says:

    toi nghiep MAn MDuy qua! G cach ly MAn can than nhe, trai ra de lay lam. MAn mac do bo nhin de thuong lam, rat nguoi lon, cunhu 2-3 tuoi roi y..:-) Me G co len nhe!!

  4. P.Anh says:

    Kho than 2 anh em, thoi tiet moi truong thay doi dot ngot qua day ma. Sao MD khong duoc chich nua chicken pox truoc do a? Chac me G met lam day. Thoi co len nhe! Chuc me G nhieu suc khoe de con cham con.

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